The unique innovative design of Arconik’s Navy CBRN Filtration systems offers a smart and powerful CBRN Filter clamping system which is completely closed and compliant with NATO standards..

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    Navy CBRN Filter Cartridge

    Arconik's CBRN filter systems for Navy use are designed in compliance with STANAG 4447 and are suitable for centralized and specialized AFU's. The systems' Airflow through a single standard radial filter is 300 m³/hr and in case of higher filtration requirements, each filter can be used in multiple times.

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    NAVY CBRN Filtration System

    Arconik’s compact and lightweight Navy CBRN Filtration System is characterized by unique innovative design and provides a smart, powerful CBRN Filter clamping system and is designed in compliance with NATO standards with a Composite Filter that is compliant to STANAG 4447. The system is analyzed for gas tightness, shock, vibration and high-shock resistance and is available in modular & semi-modular options.

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